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online poker sites for USA
  shaneomac, Jan 07 2012

are there any sites at all that US players can play poker on? if so, what are they and how do i deposit?

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vegas trip advice
  shaneomac, Aug 07 2011

Hey guys,

I am looking to take a trip to vegas in middle to late october with some friends of mine, and i was wondering what the best and cheapest(theyre all somewhat on budgets but still willing to have fun) way to go is. Is tehre anywhere i can get a good deal? i have heard that it is somewhat easy to spend a few days there and not spend a ton of money, i just dont know how. Any advice is appreciated!

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blackjack/chest shaving
  shaneomac, Jul 06 2011

two quick questions. whats a good book to read to get good @ blackjack really quickly. secondly, anyone provide anything for someone with dark coarse chesthair that grows back fairly quickly. cannot get it smooth @ all and it grows back so quick.

thanks in advance.

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